Nomination Criteria for Special Awards

    1. Lifetime Achievement Award
    2. Distinguished Service Award
    1. The purpose of these awards is to recognize individual(s) that have achieved outstanding service to the NM Ski Industry primarily at their specific resorts. The Ski NM Board of Directors shall have final approval of the candidate(s) selected by the Hall of Fame Committee.
    1. A person(s) must qualify in one or more of the following categories.
    2. A ski athlete with outstanding record in divisional levels of competition with direct benefit to their individual resorts/ski areas.
    3. A skip-sport builder with a major contribution to the organization, promotion of development of their resort/ski area.
    4. An inspirational individual, group or company that has enhanced the knowledge, pleasure or pursuit of skiing or snowboarding at their resort/ski area.
    1. Nominations for recognition may be received from any sponsor.
    2. The sponsor needs to complete a nomination form with a letter identifying the award requested.
    3. Nominations may be submitted at any time, but to be considered in the current review period, must be submitted by June 1.
    4. Upon receipt of the nomination form, the Hall of Fame Committee will examine the application for eligibility.
    5. Once the nominated individual(s) have been determined eligible for nomination the sponsor will be contacted to provide the materials listed below:
      1. Full Biography: This material should be typewritten, not more than four pages and sufficiently comprehensive to fully reflect the accomplishments of the nominee as they relate to the award.
      2. Photograph: Three head and shoulder shots pertinent to their award.
      3. Other supporting Materials: These materials are important and give authenticity to the achievement of the nominee. They will be highly regarded by the Hall of Fame Committee.
  5. NOMINATION DEADLINE: Nominations may be submitted at any time. To be considered for the next review period the Nominating Committee must receive the nominations by June 1st.

Special Award Nomination form

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